“We are a diverse group of people from various backgrounds in various stages of integration into Dutch society and we aim to be the go to organisation where even those who have just arrived in the Netherlands can find a community of like-minded free thinkers, where being an Ex-Muslim is not a reason for them to navigate in the shadows.

We already have private support groups in place; we know each other and try to informally help each other. Our support groups focus on providing emotional support/validation, help with procedural tips for those newly seeking asylum and to match with a ‘buddy’ for those who have just received permits. We also seek to inform the safeguarding processes that are already in place against harmful religious/cultural practices such as female genital mutilation, as well as liaise with professionals with a duty of care to specifically educate them on apostasy.

There is a distinct lack of inclusion and community for such people who take the brave choice to live their truth as an apostate. Some of us have managed to connect and sadly, our trauma and stories are all so similar despite being from opposite ends of the globe. That’s how we came to form the Ex-Muslims of the Netherlands, but we know there are many people still living in fear and isolation without the welcoming, supportive and inclusive community they deserve”