We believe in freedom of religion for all as a fundamental human right. Everyone should be entitled to choose what they do or do not believe in without fear of persecution.

We want to end the stigma and abuse associated with leaving Islam in all societies. Most pertinently, we vehemently oppose the death penalty as a consequence for apostasy in over a dozen countries. Religious belief should be a choice.

We advocate for the right to condemn harmful religious ideas & practices that infringe on fundamental human rights.

We aim to provide support for those who have encountered adversity as a result of their disbelief. We endeavour to create an inclusive community of like minded individuals to counter feelings of rejection, guilt, isolation and low self esteem. Those who have lost their family or community as a result of leaving Islam deserve the chance to rebuild and heal.

We provide a safe space and forum for dissent and constructive, critical discussion.

As a collective, we strive for visibility both globally and within the Netherlands. We exist and we deserve to be recognised as a group that routinely faces marginalisation.